Are you from
Albania but work,study,live or visit the UK? Or may be you're a UK citizen but have family ,friends or Business in
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        Just Dial 0844 4300 555 to call Albania Landline Mobile at 3p/min

       Just Dial 0911 5520 555 to call Albania Mobile at 15p/min

  • Simply dial the Albania cheap call access number above
  • At the prompt enter the full Albania destination number with international dialing code 00355...
  • Its Done !! You are connected to Albania

Probally this is the most economy way to call Albania mobile & Albania landline from UK Home/Work(Landline) phone at any time without Prepayment and with NO pin number !!!.

Calls are charged at the indicated price from a BT residential line and are charging starts upon connection to the service. BT apply an 12.5 pence call set-up fee for each call made. Other network operators charges may vary. Please ensure you have the bill payer's permission before you use this service.

Mobile users calling Albania : Do you have UK Mobile (like O2,Orange,T-mobile,Vodafone,3 mobile) & you make regular calls to Albania using mobile.Then this is the best solution to make cheap calls to Albania mobile & Albania landline.  

Simply txt APNA to 87887& you will receive reply with £5 credit 
to your mobile along with access numbers (020/0800) and pin number 
(txt cost £5,billed by your mobile provider)

Call Albania Landline -5p
Call Albania Mobile -22p


Great quality to call Albania! provides cheapest international phone call to Albania from UK landline and UK mobile without using calling card and credit card. Looking for cheap International calls to Albania? Low cost service that allows making cheap calls to Albania whether you are calling from home phone or from your office phone to Albania landline and Pakistan mobile at cheaper prices from 3p/min without any registration.

International City Codes for calling Albania 
call Albania Babicë 394
call Albania Bajram Curri 213
call Albania Bajzë 211
call Albania Ballsh 313
call Albania Berat 32
call Albania Bilisht 811
call Albania Bulqizë 219
call Albania Burrel 217
call Albania Cakran 387
call Albania Delvinë 815
call Albania Divjakë 371
call Albania Durrës 52
call Albania Elbasan 545
call Albania Ersekë 812
call Albania Fier 34
call Albania Fushë-Krujë 563
call Albania Gjirokastër 84
call Albania Gramsh 513
call Albania Himarë 393
call Albania Kavajë 554
call Albania Korçë 82
call Albania Krujë 511
Albania Krumë 214
call Albania Ksamil 893
Albania Kukës 242
Albania Kuçovë 311
Albania Laç 53
Albania Levan 388
Albania Lezhë 215
Albania Libohovë 881
Albania Librazhd 514
Albania Lushnjë 35
Albania Maliq 861
Albania Mamurras 561
Albania Memaliaj 885
Albania Orikum 391
Albania Patos 342
Albania Peqin 512
Albania Peshkopi 218
Albania Pogradec 832
Albania Poliçan 368
Albania Pukë 212
Albania Përmet 813
Albania Përrenjas 591
Albania Rrogozhinë 577
Albania Rrëshen 216
Albania Sarandë 852
Albania Selenicë 392
Albania Shijak 571
Albania Shkodër 22
Albania Tepelenë 814
Albania Tiranë 4
Albania Ura Vajgurore 361
Albania Vlorë 33
Albania Çorovodë 312
Albania Çërrik 581

Best quality Albania lines with low cost Albania call rates from 3p/min with an Instant access numbers available to call Albania, no need to change service providers or open an account and No hidden charges with top quality connections to phone Albania, just Dial our Low-Rate instant access numbers to make cheap calls to Albania with out any prepayment and no need to enter pin numbers.

Cheap calls to Albania with an easy access number to be dialled with out purchasing a sim card or a calling card. All you need to dial the access number provided at  and enter the full Albania number with the country code starting 00355 that’s all

The Albania press

Albania Television

  • Albanian Radio and TV (RTSh) - public, operates two networks
  • Top Channel - private
  • TV Klan - private
  • Koha TV - private
  • DigitAlb - pay TV

Email -

Phone - 0844 357 0157